Uranium in Greenland - The uncertainty is blowing in the wind

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Farmers near the planned Kuannersuit Mine worry the radioactive dust it kicks up will taint grazing and growing areas and scare off customers - arcticjournal.com

Uncertainty about the effect of a proposed uranium and rare-earths mine on the local environment has farmers in southern Greenland warning that the facility could undermine the region’s existing economic base.

The group, which describes the region as Greenland’s breadbasket, notes in an open letter to the national government that in addition to agriculture, tourism, and fishing and hunting would suffer should the Kuannersuit (Kvanefjeld) Mine open some five kilometres from the town of Narsaq.

All four activities have been identified by Nuuk as key to developing Greenland’s economy, but in an open letter to the national government, a group of 30 farmers in the Narsaq and Qassiarsuk areas expressed concern that radioactive dust blowing from the mine would rule out farming and other outdoor economic activities.